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DB International Bookbinding Competition 2022 'A Gathering of Leaves'

In association with the Bodleian Libraries, Oxford and Supported by Mark Getty

The chosen theme of plants, gardens and anything connected with flora helps celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the founding of the Oxford Botanic Gardens, the oldest Botanic Garden in Great Britain and one of the oldest Scientific gardens in the world.

Plants play a central role to life on Earth. They have provided food, clothing, shelter & medicines for many centuries. Plants have many symbolic uses in art, mythology and literature and gardens have provided employment, leisure and enjoyment throughout history. There are many and varied texts available on this expansive subject.

Bibliotheca Wittokiana 'UNDER100'

ESTUARY POEMS by Ralph Rochester

This special edition of five has been created for the 2021 Wittockiana exhibition. It is an adapted from the first edition published in 2019 by Hanbury Press.
This book 1/5 is a full leather binding in Harmatan goatskin and the construction uses a linen board attachment. The endpapers and gate fold are made with handmade Suminagashi marbling representing the river tide. Image will be shown when the exhibition is open.

Bibliotheca Wittokiana 'UNDER100' / ESTUARY POEMS by Ralph Rochester

Bookbinding workshop at Taipei

Bookbinding workshop in Taipei in September 2018. 1/4 case binding in intense 3 days! Using unbound text block "Two Points East" written & published by Judith Ellis

The Uncle’s Present

The Uncle’s Present

The Uncle’s Present, A New Battledore by Jacob Johnson – first published in 1810.

The original version of this book was an early American abecedaire (ABC) book in Battledore format, designed to open out as a wall poster. Alphabet books were primarily designed for children presenting letters of the alphabet with corresponding words or images. This particular ABC book features ‘Cries’; street vendors who verbally announced their wares for sales, and is beautifully illustrated with charming woodcuts by Thomas Bewick.

In this special edition the text has been created as a book to the miniature scale of 4x3cm. Hand letterpressed and printed on Zerkall paper with 5 individual design bindings.

Fiction Uncovered

Fiction Uncovered

Fiction Uncovered, is the annual promotion that celebrates the best British fiction writers. Prize winners of the year received a hand made binding of their book bound by Kaori Maki and Kate Rochester.

At Wyvern Bindery

Wyvern Bindery
  • Death in the Afternoon by Ernest Hemingway
  • The Birds of Radnorshire

Label Design

Wine label design

Wine label design



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